Greetings from Pastor Mickey



ChristWay Church is a Family Church


We ‘re glad that you have stopped by to learn what we’re all about. We hope you see our passion for Jesus and His gospel. He is the only reason that we do what we do — preaching, children’s ministry, outreach, and even singing. ChristWay Church wants to proclaim Christ so that the hurting, disheartened, discouraged, unchurched and de-churched can find absolute acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and their loving Lord.


If you were to ask us to describe ourselves in one sentence, we would say,

We are a Christ centered, gospel focused church community.


As a Christ centered church, you will notice that we believe the gospel is so much more than a starting point for people. The gospel is all of life and it shapes the very way in which we live life together with our family, friends, city, and the rest of the world. We want to view and live all of life through the gospel, which is the truth for all of us.It is the vision of ChristWay Church to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in such a way that the one true message of the Gospel will change hearts and minds with all the residents in Huntsville and the surrounding areas.