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We are blown away by God's love for us in Christ Jesus, who died on the cross to save us. As a body of believers, his amazing grace strengthens us to bring the good news of the Gospel to people who need Jesus! As one of the churches in Huntsville, AL, we unite around the calling to be Christ’s hands and feet. We are excited to meet you. We are praying that God will bring his best into your life for you and your family.



Pastor's Blog

When we look at the Biblical giants of the Bible, we think of Moses, Noah, David, and Solomon. We might also look at the prophets as well, like Elijah and Elisha. All these men had great victories in the Lord, but they also had great defeats.  What made the difference in the great men of the Bible was their integrity to follow God, and to repent of their moral and social failures. David, the shepherd boy, was a man after God's own heart. He grew into a great man of God. He did great things for God, because he trusted in Him. And though he sinned greatly by adultery and murder, he repented greatly as well. What amazing grace that God has for each of us if we will simply turn to Him. In David's later years, he must have remembered God's goodness in his earlier days as a shepherd boy. As he thought of the goodness of God, he may have heard again the bleating of his father’s sheep across the many years, and he may have thought of the times when he tended to them on the Bethlehem hills, and then he cries out: “The Lord is my shepherd.” Let us remember our years as David did and when we do, let us remember how God is our shepherd who loves us, leads us, and guides us. Yes, God uses the giants of the Bible to teach us. So, let us learn from their words, and their life and cause us to do as they and turn to God in time of need.

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