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Question 1

Pastor, I've been reading Ezekiel and wonder, do you think we have prophets today? If we do, what is their message to unbelievers and true believers today?

Pastor Response 1

This is a summary of how I see prophets in the church. I believe this is based on Joel 2:28-29 and 1 Corinthians 14:3, where we are told that prophecies are given in the church as moved by the Holy Spirit. Many Christians believe that the prophets’ roles ceased after Scripture was written. While many others—including Pentecostal and charismatic Christians—believe prophets do continue today and they minister primarily in local churches, speaking words that strengthen, encourage, comfort, and even warn of complacency in the church. These prophets do not govern the church or reveal new truths. Their prophetic words are messages from God that will always agree with New Testament teachings and Holy Scripture, and they will take the Word and apply it to a specific need in the life of someone.  Some functions that prophets perform for individuals and the church, as led by the Holy Spirit, include: revealing, imparting, and “activating” spiritual gifts through the laying on of hands and prophecy; confirming what God has already told an individual; giving prophecies that result in physical and emotional healing; clarifying a church’s vision, giving prophetic direction to that church, and revealing whether it is fulfilling God’s purpose for that specific church; and sometimes revealing when demons have been sent to thwart the work of a church.


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